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Try to install the glx and the nvidia kernel package with the SAME
version numbers, have you?... and then follow the readme file
instructions in the nvidia glx-package.
You will find a lot of technical hints and related stuff.
Btw. I've used SaX2 for the nvidia driver and graphics settings. Yast2
with its nv turned out to install the wrong driver for my platform. The nv driver
did not work correctly with my gforce 3 Ti200. The Yast2 update option i've not checked out.
Pixel salad in StarOffice and a long, long bug search was enough.



Maybe u ve merely forgotten to start a windowmanager. X alone is not enough,
it is an interface platform. The startx script usually needs an entry which
manager is to be started. Can you leave the "Blank screen"
by pushing Ctrl,Alt,Backspace? If this is the case you are in X, and X is probably ok. and a
windowmanger could not be loaded.
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