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Originally posted by Rogozhin
Why does it matter if the FX is getting nailed to the wall for it's poor performance in benchmarks?
nailed to the wall?? were talking very small fractional wins and only with the absolute highest end settings enabled - now im not saying the 9800 and 9700 arent damn fast. faster than FX in many setups. but the nv30 jsut totally a piece of junk that never wins??? cmon...ease up. we just paid alot for these things... and theyre really fast . perfectly nestled in between the two fastest cards on the planet and its still got alot of driver-tweaking to go.

just stop with the extreme statements about the nv30 losing every benchmark because you know we can all pull out the links that show that being really slight, sometimes wrong, and thinning in margin with each new driver update.

(now would i buy a card with the driver/multi-OS/multi-cpu support of nvidia and have it be fractionally slower than ATi's latest speed rockets? well sure. im totally satisfied. )

so BACK OFF and let us congratulate bkswaney on his purchase and investment.
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