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Default Re: Which Is Faster 825 tight timeing or 1100 with default

You never mention whether you are running 1T or 2T, but since it is an Intel chipset board, it is 2T. Also, since your better run was at elevated FSB rates on the CPU, it cannot be considered a valid comparison. Run the RAM at 1000 Mhz with the FSB on the CPU at 1066 and you will see no gain.

You can make your own conclusions, but I think this shows that there is little to no gain with 1000 plus MHz RAM at stock FSB. Now, if you increase the FSB of the CPU, then the extra bandwidth will make a difference.

What I run, 4-4-4-12, 1T, 885 MHz.

Here is 4-4-4-12, 1T at 853 MHz.

And, 4-4-4-12, 2T at 853 MHz.

Here is 5-5-5-15, 2T at 1000 MHz.

And, as you did on your tests, which is not a fair comparison of the relative timings, here is 4-4-4-12, 1T at 800 with the CPU using 1200 FSB.

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