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Default My Dominator 8500's, Am I doing something wrong here?

Well...I got my new Dominator 8500's from corsair (i traded in my 6400 dominators during the whole upgrade thing due to the PROMO IC's and such)

anywho...I have these 8500's...and well, they are installed...and I'm overclocking them.

so far I'm at:

5-5-5-10 @ a stock VDIMM of 2.2v @ 1225mhz.

Everything I throw at it is passing. I really to believe that these 8500 are overclocking that well?

I'm not running 1:1, my system goes to hell if I do try that setting.

I'd say this is a nice OC?.......I'm just kind of in disbelief.

EDIT: Finally got it to fail...I was thinking, there is no way this is really happening.

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