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Default Re: Legacy drivers with FreeBSD 6.0 troubles

Zander, flz,

I upgraded Xserver from the snapshot port to the 6.9.0 release, installed the fresh nividia 9631 driver port and it did the trick : glxgear and others 3D/OpenGL applications were working.

Originally Posted by flz
David: You need to install the driver with 'make all install X11BASE=/usr/X11R6'.
Then, I also tried to install the driver by this way.
But, as i have patched the make files by myself, the installation failed and broke the glx library:
«nv_xxxxxxxxxxx» not found.

I forced the re-installation of the port driver but the library was still broken.

I had to download the driver tgz file and re-install it
- using the command line above -
to solve the issue.
It seems that the port driver does not re-install some libraries.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for your help.
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