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Default Re: New nHancer version 2.1.0 and website!

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL

Whats new in this version?
Many many things since the last official version (1.2.2)...

But I think you're more interested in the changes since the last beta. Here they are:
  • Added new command line options:
    • /allowOverride – Activates the menu item “Options->Allow override of predefined options”. This is meant for advanced users, who never want to get a warning when they try to change a option which is predefined by nVidia.
    • /forceSingle, /forceSLI, /forceQuad – Overrides the detection in nHancer and forces nHancer to assume that there is a single card, SLI, or OuadSLI configuration respectively. This can be useful if the detection fails for some reason or for testing nHancer’s options and layout in each of those cases.
  • Added check to avoid that nHancer is started twice.
  • The warning for Color Profiles (which can no longer be created with the new nVidia control panel) is now only shown if “Show experimental modes” is not selected and the user is using a 96.x+ driver.
  • The option “Anisotropic filter optimization” is now only shown for pre 96-drivers or if “Show experimental modes” is selected. It has been removed from nVidia’s control panel as well and doesn’t seem to have any effect anymore.
  • The entry “prevent_cpl_aa” in nvapps.xml was previously used by nVidia to disable driver enforced AA entirely for a certain game. The previous versions of nHancer listed that option as “NoDriverAA”. In the latest Forceware versions, the same option only disables overriding the game’s AA request. Enhancing the in-game AA setting is still allowed. nHancer now interprets it just like the nVidia control panel does, i.e. you can still activate AA in those profiles, but the “enhance in-game AA” cannot be deactivated.
  • Added help texts for all options that were missing them.
  • Added german translation for various options and help texts.
  • When reopening nHancer from its tray icon, the profile that was selected previously is now reselected and the list is scrolled correctly to show that profile again.
  • Corrected some minor problems when using larger DPI settings on the desktop
  • Bugfix: Previously, when deleting all SLI profiles (either during startup or after the user has selected the menu entry), profiles which just disabled driver AA or driver AF were also deleted.
  • Bugfix: The icon at VSync has been changed to “Auto”, since VSync seems to work fine with the current drivers, even for D3D games.
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