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Default Re: unable to output 720x576 on tv-out with 9631

Originally Posted by netllama
Hrmm, did this work with a previous driver?
Yes, but I don't remember anymore which one. It seems to not work with 8774 either, so it was probably some more older one.
If I remember correctly, I needed to use a custom modeline like
ModeLine "720x576" 14.1 720 760 800 900 576 584 600 625 -hsync -vsync
The modeline timings afaik weren't actually used, but without that line the driver didn't accept the "720x576" mode.
The recent drivers seem to ignore custom ModeLines alltogether when TV-out is in question.
Originally Posted by netllama
What kind of TV are you using?
Standard PAL television with S-VIDEO input.
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