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Default Re: Nvidia 6200 and ATI RS480/482 chipset incompatibilities

Originally Posted by breggy
You know, I've heard of some modem manufacturers cutting costs on their hardware by taking some shortcuts and letting Windows do some of the grunt work behind what would normally be done in hardware. Could that be the case with these TurboCache cards? Could that be why there is no real answer and why all the lockups? Could NVidia be trying to emulate in Linux which comes natively in Windows?

This 7300GS was a pretty darn good deal when I bought it for it's performance. Could it be letting Windows do some of the dirty work to keep the manufacturing costs down?
It wouldn't surprise me. The TurboCache feature seems to be bringing out this bug. Whilst I'm fairly sure this is a software bug that's brought out only under the environments (i.e. the ATI chipset + an Nvidia TurboCache card) mentioned in this topic, there's no excuse for the time Nvidia have took to fix it. If this was a Windows bug, it would have been a priority fix.

Perhaps the TurboCache cards are similar to WinModems - they can work under Linux but give you hell unless they have a very good driver. I hope that the next driver release (9742, or if the workaround isn't added, >9742) does fix this bug, however, I'm concerned as to how Nvidia don't seem to be too forthcoming with why the bug occurs (due to it still being researched) or what their 'workaround' is.
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