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Did a clean install of RH9 with a DFE-530TX+ NIC also installed. System comes up with the DFE as eth0 (alias eth0 8139too in modules.conf). No sign of nvnet.

Tried removing the DFE card and rebooting to trigger the installer. DFE card is successfully uninstalled, but still no sign of nvnet. Did a complete disk search for nvnet and found nothing. Did the add/remove NIC a couple of times, including manually adding nvnet to modules.conf, to no avail.

Finally, downloaded the 0256 tar file, edited the resulting /nforce/Makefile to remove the nvaudio subdirectory, and tried make and make install. Success! I am writing this on the resulting system.

By the way, I haven't installed the video driver yet. That went fine last time.

The next question is whether this will still work on an upgraded kernel. I think others have not had success.

Comments or ideas?

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