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Default Re: nvidia-settings + suspend2 problems

yes, I do experience exactly the same freezing issue at the 'finding allowances from drivers', with a 7400 Go on a dell XPS. glad I'm not alone, I was thinking my system was having a hardware defect...

I have one difference though. for me, this occurs as soon as X is started. I could start X then stop it (e.g /etc/init.d/xdm stop under gentoo) and hibernate and resume just fine, but if X is started, then, freeze. both suspend2 and swsusp tried and give same results.

I do not use twinview. I do use two screens though, but that happens even if I only configure the internal panel.

this does not occur on the asus w7j of my girlfriend, which also has a gf7400go.

I even haphazardly reinstalled gentoo from scratch (went from x86 to x86_64), and that did not fix anything.

up till now, I have no solution, except to just stick with suspend to ram, which works for me.

I'd gladly have a fix for that hibernate issue.

EDIT: attached nvbr.log
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