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Originally Posted by nrdstrm
It amazes me how people can be in early beta, and write off a game (Vanguard). A "Friend" of mine told me that the game has come a long way since beta 2.5/3.0. They have added tons of content, continue to tweak, etc. I'll likely be playing this at launch, as currently it appeals to me more than LOTRO, however I'll probably give it a shot anyway as I am a Tolkein fan. I'm also looking forward to upcoming MMO's including Stargate Worlds (I think thats the name) and STO (Star Trek Online). Hopefully those will be space MMO's not F*cked up like SWG was...
LotRO didn't hold my attention. They are in the stress test phase. I just didn't like it. I won't do betas for Warhammer or Connan because I really want to play them as a finished game. I will give Vanguard a shot.
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