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Default Re: Laptop screen unusable, corrupted, but X and VGA port work

No luck again.

I updated the drivers using 'nvidia-installer --update'. Started gnome using 'startx -- -logverbose 6' instead of the usual '/etc/init.d/gdm start'. I ran this command as the usual user who logs in normally, not root. Same symptoms except now there is a bit more info to go along with it.

I attached new bug reports in two new zip files, for two new trials:

Trial 2:
EDIDs enabled.
In xorg.conf I had declared the maximum vertical refresh as 60Hz, but after starting X with verbose logging I noticed the drivers were trying 61.1 Hz, not 60 Hz, so those modes were getting invalidated incorrectly.

Ran and zipped the output into

Trial 3:

Changed the following in xorg.conf:
-- Disabled EDIDs with Option "UseEDID" "FALSE"
-- Changed max vertical refresh to 62 Hz to let those 61.1Hz requests through.

Same results. Same corrupted screen. Ran and zipped output into

I may take another crack at it once I've found the download location for 9742 but so far no luck with 9631.

Thanks again for the quick reply and the help!
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