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Originally posted by Sphinx

A Review about this crap card...
To tell you the truth i thought so as well when i bough it but since then the card is only getting better with the release of the new drivers.I tell you it flies and before this i tried a 9700 pro and i tell you there were some games where the game would just send me back to the desktop because of the card compatilability,but not with FX Ultra doesn't matter what i throw at it it plays everything.I must admit that the AA is not the best but with 1600x1200 resolution even without the AA everything looks so crisp,plus with the speed of the core and memory it is only a matter of time before some drivers are made specially for this line of cards,heres hoping that the 50xxxx detonators will be.So all i say to those people that keep bagging this card is ,i have one and i'm very happy with it so if you don't like it don't buy it.Thanks thats my 2bob worth.
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