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Lightbulb Re: Nvidia 6200 and ATI RS480/482 chipset incompatibilities

Hi NthDegree,
Very good work, Nvidia could have done this test long time ago I suppose they know if they overclock the GPU.
I have experienced the same behavior you say.
I have a question (not for you) by don't experienced this with the open source driver 'nv' or when using the closed driver without using 3D characteristics.
In test with the current driver (1.0-9631) with glxgears i could see gears turning more slowly than with previous drivers (perhaps the overclock is less intensive !!).
I would suggest another test, Google Earth with the closed driver, the system freeze after two search or before (when 3D world appears) using it in a wmware session with Debian 3.2 application work perfect.
One question for Nvidia: If the problem is heat how we can place a cooler in the video card?
A suggestion: if the problem is a kernel panic when temperature is above 65C and nvidia driver consider limit 145C the driver could tell a lie to the kernel, it could tell real temperature * 65/145 (I think we can find some day GPU like cheese in a slice of pizza).


NthDegree, I have reproduced your post in Novell Bugzilla.

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