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Originally Posted by UDawg
I will give Vanguard a shot.
Just FYI, the minimum requirements of the game atm are dual 8800GTX's and has graphics worse than EQ 2. Not only that, but this is the type game that makes you want to punch the first person you see in the face due to how aggrivating they make it. EQ 1 is was hard, but at the same time challenging and fun. Vanguard is hard, but at the same time extremely aggrivating, boring, and stupid. Vanguard is an example what happens when you let everyone have a sayso of what an MMO game should be like. It has some aspects that are cool and then some aspects that are COMPLETELY random that don't even fit in the game. I can only imagine working at Sigil.

Originally Posted by Your average day at Sigil games

Random guy 1: "Hey Brad, I think this game should be dedicated towards REAL PC gamers. Lets give it extreme requirements! If the kids can't afford a PC to run the game, they won't play it! More fun for us old folks!"

Brad McQuaid: "sure thing, great idea!"

Random guy 2: "Hey Brad, in this game its too hard to find quest NPCs. Lets give EVERY quest NPC a BIG stupid Logo on top of its head. Considering we will have kids playing the game(who can't read), a BIG anoying logo would be an excellent choice! Lets make it easy for them!"

Brad: "I thought you guys didn't want kids on this game? Either way, SURE that idea is great! More kids on our game!"

Random guy 3: "Hey Brad, we need a million useless skills for each class! That way, we can weed out all the kids who want to have fun on the game! We will require then to change out skills EVERY FREAKING LEVEL! Less fun = less kids playing!"

Brad: "Right... ... yes... Less kids on our game. Make it so!"

Random guy 4: "Hey Brad! This zombie is WAY to ****ing hard! Kids will be playing this game, we need it to be easy!!! One hit should kill it!"

Brad: "Excellent idea! I love how you think. We need this game to have kids so that we will be popular!"

Random guy 5: "Hey brad! This peon rat is WAY too easy! This game is for ADULTS in case you haven't noticed! This rat should have an AREA EFFECT super death spell that KILLS anything within a 50 yard radius every time it wiggles its whiskers!"

Brad: "Yes, the adults will love the fact we have THE MOST POWERFUL RAT EVER IN AN MMORPG! It will show that our game TRUELY is meant for us old people
Random guy 6: "Hey Brad! I think bards are overpowered in ALL games due to their speed. Even though the entire point of a bard is to be the fastest thing on foot, lets throw these bards a curve ball! Lets make their bard speed VERY slow, barely faster than run and MUCH slower than a horse! Kids LOVE ridding horses! If bards don't want to ride horses, less kids will play! We can't have that happen!"

Brad: "I see your point. We do need more people to use horses. If bards are fast they probably won't play horses. We only have 30 classes in Vanguard. If bards don't use horses, that means 3-4% of the population won't use a horse! That number is far too great!!!! EVERYONE needs a horse! The kids will LOVE seeing EVERY FREAKING PERSON THEY SEE riding a horse!!! Great Idea! Do it!"

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