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Default 8800 GTS - I should have waited.

If anyone uses linux and bothered to get an 8800 series card I'm sure you probably know of the problem, but until we get a real driver there are still issues that are just annoying that need to be fixed and we have no ETA on them. Maybe we'll get a new driver tommorrow, or next week, or next month. I know, I should have known better? I've been told this before, but with the 7800 this was not a problem. So I'm kind of disappointed, then again I guess some things were not available then that are now like Beryl/Compiz/etc.

My problems?

1) I can't run World of Warcraft in opengl mode which was faster in linux, though d3d is definitely better now it's still kinda choppy.

2) I can't use a higher resolution than 640x480 in console if I don't want to have to restart the computer to leave X, in the same venue if I'm using fb console I can't restart X or my screen goes black and I have to ssh in from another machine to shut down.

3) Beryl completely stalls machine, starting out I can still move the pointer but that's it, eventually doing a hard stall that I have to just turn the power off on.

4) 2d acceleration in X seems very poor, with openoffice impress taking forever to do basic transistions and all kinds of window artifacts moving windows around, almost as bad as using the vesa driver but not quite.

I bought this card for a windows game, and it worked well for that. I have no qualms for the card in windows and it made that game (neverwinter nights 2) much more enjoyable. However, unless I'm playing a game like that I'm in linux and I am sorta disappointed the support is just not there for linux users as well as with previous cards. On the up side most native games seem to run fine, like quake4, etc. are just what I would expect from the card.
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