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Default Re: 6200 conneted from DVI to HDMI TV: No Picture

I tried it at 1280x720_60, there was no change. Logs attached.

There's no picture at any time, neither at boot nor when X starts, nor anything in between.

When the TV doesn't recieve a signal from the input source, it displays the source name in the lower right corner. In other words, if I have it set to receive the VCR signal, and my VCR is not turned on, I see "VCR" in the lower right corner. Once I turn on the VCR and the unit starts sending a signal to the TV, this display diasppears on the TV and is replaced by the signal sent by the VCR.

When I have the TV set to HDMI input, I see "HDMI" on the lower right, and it never disappears no matter what I do on the PC, so the TV doesn't think it's recieving any signal over that connection.
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