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Default Re: failed to initialize kernel module

Originally posted by bengiswex
"(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module!
(EE) NVIDIA(0): *** Aborting ***
Yay, this error again!

First, check to see that the "nvidia" kernel module is loaded, with an /sbin/lsmod. If you don't see nvidia listed, then /sbin/modprobe nvidia as root, and try X again (but don't reboot before trying X again; just startx as your normal user).

If it still does that after modprobe'ing nvidia, or if the nvidia module is loaded to begin with, then check the last bit of the output of dmesg. Most of the time, the problem is described there. And most of the time, the problem is your BIOS settings -- PnP OS should be off, and Assign IRQ to VGA should be on.
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