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Nd , I a "was" looking forward to VG for a long time , I am more than willing and patient with "beta" issues as I have been in many and know what to expect -

"beta" issues are not extreme game design changes weekly , massive missing content , and a general lack of any direction this close to launch

EQ2 did the same thing - launched in a pathetic , rushed state without true high level content and with many spells being patched in the week before launch without testing - it was crap at launch

It's a good game now though but many will never give it a shot due to it's launch state and the press around it - look at IGN and other sites who say it's one of the most improved games around - it is and I give them that - but it says a lot about how crappy they launched it also

I see VG doing the same thing - I used to be a big Brad fan and believer - now with his and other attitudes of "we will add this later" and "we dont have Blizzard's money" and so on I say once the NDA comes down the bad press and reviews will make it's launch be much smaller than anticipated

Again the die hard EQ types are pissed at the "wowification" of it and the die hard WoW fans will think it's too tedious -

Like it or not they touted "the original EQ devs" as the makers of VG and are now trying to steer away from that in some half mixed crap of a game

Theoretically of course

Now I pin my hopes on Warhammer Online as a secondary game or possibly Age of Conan to go along with WoW

One day their will be someone brave enough to truly make and "EQ 2" as it still hasnt been done
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