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Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
This is what I am waiting on. Probably will never happen though.

I think it's possible but still a few years off - probably will take a cycle of VG's and other games who attempt to go middle of the road between WoW and EQ and fail or flop - Warhammer Online has a decent shot at taking on WoW style and flourishing - by no means replacing but certainly surviving

Eventually a dev and producer will realize that there is a definite 200k-500k niche of old style EQ players who will gladly support a game that starts like that in mind and STAYS (cough VG copout) that way

I would have no issue paying 20-30 dollars a month to play a true "world" or sandbox style EQish type game that could care less about catering to the masses - and I think there are many others who played UO and EQ who would - double the subscription price for a truly good game and both sides would be happy - producers and players

(again nothing wrong with that WoW style game and I enjoy it - I just want both styles and an option for a true EQ sequel - not a mix and bland watering down of it )
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