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Default Re: New nHancer version 2.1.0 and website!

Originally Posted by Grestorn
Only if that problems ever comes back. As I understand, nHancer seems to work now, doesn't it?
No, 1.2.2 does, 2.1.0 does not. However, with all the fuzz of reinstalling stuff I now broke the ancient game Sanitarium so Sanitarium say I need Direct Draw to play the game. Im making progress! There's something fishy going on here.

Originally Posted by Grestorn
My first 8800GTX has a BIOS version of
My second one (which I bought 3 weeks later) has
and yours is
That's not related to your problem in any way, but I think it's interesting nevertheless...
Hmm. Lots of bioses there. They do upgrade bioses until the end. Maybe I should check for newer ones myself despite having a seemingly later version.

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