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Default Re: nvidia-settings + suspend2 problems

I am able to successfully suspend to disk if I do not use the nvidia-settings utility to "Detect Displays" when the second monitor is added or removed; however, it did require some mods ot the /etc/hibernate/*.conf files.

First, check to make sure you have this in suspend2.conf:
ProcSetting extra_pages_allowance 0
and the following should be in your hibernate/common.conf file:
SwitchToTextMode yes
UseDummyXServer no

With the 7xxx nvidia series I needed to set UseDummyXServer to yes, but, for whatever reason, this needs to be No for the 9x series.

From what I've read (and remember) if your screen blanks immediately after it says "Doing atomic copy" then you have run out of extra pages. Setting this to 0 supposedly allows suspend2 to dynamically determine the number of pages, but there may be problems with this. Try setting it to (4k * video memory) + 20% if it still doesn't work. Once you are able to successfully suspend/resume, you can see how many pages were used and how many were allocated in either /proc/suspend2/debug_info or /sys/power/suspend2/debug_info depending on your version of suspend2.

I'm about to try Dynamic twinview with the latest nvidia driver. I'll post my results.
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