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Default X window CRASHES!

Hello, I'm relatively new with Linux. I installed the newest drivers of NVIDIA, and I adapted my XF86Config (see attachment) file, but when I restart X window, I get a login prompt for 3 seconds (this is normal), then I see black for a half second (this is still normal) and then I get a login prompt screen again several times (this is NOT normal). Then I see I blue screen with the text: "I cannot start X server (your graphical interface) .... blabla...

and after I few seconds the system crashes totally, only the cursor still goes on and goes out (don't know the english word for that).

Than I tried the folowing: I overwrote the adapted XF86Config file with the one that was included in the installation (XF86Config.sample) and had the same problem again.

I also had installed previous nvidia drivers, but I uninstalled them. I just typed: rpm -e NVIDIA_GLX and rpm -e NVIDIA_GLX and both were successfully uninstalled. DO I have to do more than that?

Hercules 3D Prophet 2 MX (is that the problem?)
CPU: pentium II 350Mhz
Motherboard: I think AOPEN (do I really have to open my computer to check model etc. ?? say if I really have to.

THank you in advance
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