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Default Re: The console forum out of control?

Originally Posted by OWA
53r10u5ly. P3r50nally, 1 th1nk any0n3 u51ng k1dd13-5p3ak (0r what3v3r 1t'z call3d) 5h0uld b3 bann3d ph0r a w33k. 1t g1v3z m3 a h3adach3 3v3n try1ng t0 r3ad ht3 c0n50l3 ph0rum thr3ad5. C0mmn3ntz l1k3 ht3 b3l0w. What ht3 h3ck d03z that m3an? What'z n3xt p05t1ng 1n p1g-lat1n?
If you don't like it just ignore it, that's what I'd do. Some people think it's funny. If you think leet speak is offensive, you've got other problems man. Lighten up.
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