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Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
Just FYI, the minimum requirements of the game atm are dual 8800GTX's and has graphics worse than EQ 2. Not only that, but this is the type game that makes you want to punch the first person you see in the face due to how aggrivating they make it. EQ 1 is was hard, but at the same time challenging and fun. Vanguard is hard, but at the same time extremely aggrivating, boring, and stupid. Vanguard is an example what happens when you let everyone have a sayso of what an MMO game should be like. It has some aspects that are cool and then some aspects that are COMPLETELY random that don't even fit in the game. I can only imagine working at Sigil.

This is completely wrong (speaking to the dual 8800's with worse graphices than EQ2).
A) The graphics are better than EQ2 anyday (on Ultra high).
B) My "friend" is getting 20-30FPS in cities and 40-60 in rural areas with ONE 8800GTX and that is on Ultra High w/max clip plane. Granted, this has only happened with the last patch, so perhaps that's why you thought that...Also, they are not done optimizing...

I'll not speak to game play other than to say he is enjoying it. IMO everyone has different tastes. Have they deviated somewhat from what they intended? Most certainly, that normally happens with MMO's "feature set" lists between Alpha and Launch...

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