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Wink Re: Nvidia 6200 and ATI RS480/482 chipset incompatibilities


It seems NVIDIA isn't the scrooge after all! So far so good the drivers haven't crashed yet, i've stressed the card by making the temperatures go up and down very quickly, i'm running the BSOD screensaver with an OpenGL renderer and i've been playing Tremulous, Nexuiz, Unreal Tournament 2003 and Quake 3 Arena without crashes so far.

Just in time for the new sexy LCD monitor i've been promised and just in time for the standardization of AIGLX and Compiz in most Linux distros!

@Zander, the MP-BIOS bug is triggered on almost all ATI motherboards and the APIC errors are down to my PC being almost entirely ATI parts (ATI breaks from a lot of standards apparently). Apparently most of the timing errors that show up are fixed in later Linux kernels *crosses fingers*.

Either way no crashes as of yet guess I lose the bet on nouveau being finished before NVIDIA fixes this .
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