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Default Re: New nHancer version 2.1.0 and website!

Originally Posted by retsam
i cant install the new one because the old one will not uninstall...grrrr.....but man do i love this program...ive said it before and i will say it again...nvidia should buy you and your program out and give you a million to make it there own.
What happens if you try to uninstall it?

To unintall it manuall, start regedit, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Uninstall

Click on the "Uninstall" folder and select Edit->Find. Search for "nHancer".

It should find an entry within a subfolder with a large number (the "global unique id", something in the form of {EC446C59-D0E3-47D6-A287-61B8658CFA1D}, but the numbers will differ). If you delete that whole folder, nHancer will be gone from your "Add/Remove Software" panel. Afterwards, you should be able to reinstall it.

But please double check that you don't delete the wrong folder. It has to be the folder that contains the entries for nHancer.
nHancer - Advanced nVidia Control Utility and Profile Editor

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