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Default WTF?? Ntune killed my system

Not being real familiar with overclocking I decided to run the Ntune utility on my new system. I was running the 20 minute 'coarse tuning'. About 12 minutes into it the program says it's changing the CPU FSB. Then the system bluescreens and reboots. During POST I get a message that windows can not load because C:\windows\system\config is either missing or corrupt and I'll need to do a recovery from the Windows CD (XP SP2).

So I start the recovery process. At the end it finally says it can not configure the system and I need to contact the administrator. I reboot and right after the Windows XP loading screen I still get the BSOD. Bad_Pool_Header with no hex code. Can't get into safe mode either.

I set the defaults in the BIOS and cleared the CMOS thinking Ntune must have jacked something in the BIOS but I still get the bluescreen.

Is a reformat my only way out here? I'm scared that even after a reformat I'm still going to get that BSOD rendering my system useless.
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