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Well. First of all, ethernet is onboard. Of cause I could try to move the TV card, but shuld that really be necessary. After all it uset to work perfectly without irq-conflicts before I upgraded from SuSE 8.0 to 8.2.
Four USB controllers you say...? I can only see tree. I have six ports all in all. Two ports at the back and four ports at the front. I need the ports at the back for my printer, and also one at the front for memory-drive and camera.

Anyhow... I have a feeling that its the onboard network card that's making the conflict. At my first attempt to install nvidia driver - used an old .rpm - it conflicted really bad. I wasn't able to start network at all, so I made a total reinstall.

..thanks for your patiense
Motherboard: Chaintech 7VJL DeLuxe
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