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Default Re: 9631 with 6.1-R with 7600GS on Asus P5B Deluxe fails

I have the latest BIOS. From more experimenting over the last two days it seems FreeBSD 6.1-R on this motherboard is just unstable - the vesa X driver does not reliably work either as it frequently crashes and hangs. I also see kernel warnings related to DMA writes to the disk, which googling suggest they are related to IRQ routing.

So I have given up trying to get FreeBSD running on this motherboard as it seems too bleeding edge, and will look for some older hardware. My plan was to get experience with FreeBSD in a stable install as part of a dual boot (with XP) system, not to get involved in low level diagnostics to get it stable in the first place. Life's too short to stuff a mushroom and all that. I'll try again possibly in a couple of years when other trailblazers have sorted any HW issues.


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