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Question E6600 + Zalman 9700 Temp Check Please (luv a newb - it's Christmas!)

Hi, I'm totally new to Intel OK'ing & C2D temps.

This is a new system for me. It's an an upgrade from a AMD 2500 Barton @ 3200 with a 6800GT AGP. Even without overclocking I have a big fat smile. The old system I built three years ago and it's only upgrade since was the video card two years ago. I am so very very happy.

I have all the grunt work down with the rebuild (OS/Software installation, Images, etc). Everything has been 100% stable for 3 days now and I'm ready too start O'clocking.

I think I might have botched the thermal compound application by lifiting the HSF while mouting it (paranoid am I?). I just used the thermal goop that came with the 9700. I have a new tube of Artic Silver 5 but got too excited to put this new rig togather and the 9700 goop had that nice applicator brush. I'm just wondering if I should re-appy. The core temps at default clocks are higher than I expected.

From what I'ver read about the C2D:
60c - Max safe temp for no C2D damage risk
70c - Max safe temp

- Antec SOHO Fileserver Case
- PCP&C 750W Silencer
- x4 case fans. 27.8CFM / 21db
- Zalman 9700 HSF
- E6600
- EVGA 680i
- 2GB Crucial Ballistix DDR2-1000 @ Stock timings & 800
- EVGA 8800GTS

Room temp is cool ~ 70f

Windows Desktop:
Core 1: 34c
Core 2: 36c
note: during web browsing for 30m, I saw a couple of 42c spikes on Core2 for a single reading. But, only for one reading, then back down to 36c.

After Running Orthos for 30 minutes, the highest temps recorded by TAT were
Core 1: 48c
Core 2: 51c

If 60c is really the max temp for running a C2D without risk of damage... I only have 9c to play with (and it's winter - the room is cool).

Thanks for any help!

edit: here's a (bad) pic of my box. I think I did OK at cleaning up the cables. I need to wipe it out though - it's 6 or 7 years old now. Anyway, It seems like it should have a good empty path for airflow. The 2nd front fan is in the bottom drive cage. I move all the drives out of there to give that fan an unrestricted line into the case.

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