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Originally posted by skoprowski
Unfortunately that doesn't include any UT2003 based engine games. My BFG 5600 256meg just choked in the Unreal based games at 1024 x 768 with any AA or Anis setting with a Barton 2500.
That's true and I had to drop to 800x600 to use 2X AA and 8X Aniso.

During game play testing, I used FRAPS to log frame rates while playing against 6 bots on the outdoor map DM-Antalus. Sure, performance was much better in the indoor map DM-Asbestos, but I think settings should be tuned for the worst case scenerio.

The 5600 Ultra yielded an average frame rate of 53 and minimum of 35 using balanced (quality) texture filtering. Shadows were disabled and hardware sound was enabled.

Performance at 1024x768 with no AA and no Aniso was about the same at 56/36.

Aggressive (performance) texture filtering increased performance around 5-10%, but I found it didn't provide enough of an increase to make a difference in many of the games I tested.

In my opinion, aggressive mode is more of an option for benchmarking purposes
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