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Cool. I'll give that a try. I did as you said and put the sliders at app pref. That is how I got that score.

This low score for the system bugs me because I usually get among the higer scores for my system stet up. Of coure I am usuall using a Nvidia card . I just can't seem to get the hang of this stet up.

I think Bu is right my memory is holding me back. I whent the cheap route and got the 3200pc oem instead of the nicer 3500pc and using Crusial or Mushkin. Oh well There is a huge difference in actual game playing BF @ 1280 x 960 with AA @ 6x and Aniso @ 8x and Texture and Mip @ Quality settings I get around 80fps on average. I doesn't dip below 60fps when the screen is busy. Me likie [IMG]

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