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Default rh9 up2date

went out and actually bought the personal distro, installed it from zero and ran the red hat network up2date thang. took long time downloading all the packages with just a dialup, and it reported that there was a problem with the kernel docs during download. i said alright go on and finish the install, and away it went with the install, but when i checked it a couple of hours later, it had stopped at the kernel doc package. it had, fortunately, installed the glibc package, the 2.3.2-27.9 rev that was needed for the problem that we've attempting to address. i futzed about with some other things (hosts, fstab, email client, etc) before trying the .4363 driver install, but it came off without a hitch and xmms started properly. btw, the compile date on the 2.3.2-27.9 is an april date while the 2.3.2-5 is a february date.
thanks for your help and i guess the moral of the whole mess has been to make sure that the latest errata packages have been installed properly before crying wolf...
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