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Originally posted by skoprowski
Unfortunately that doesn't include any UT2003 based engine games. My BFG 5600 256meg just choked in the Unreal based games at 1024 x 768 with any AA or Anis setting with a Barton 2500.
my ****ing Geforce3 does 1024x768 with 4x FSAA and NO ANISO (just trilinear) and gets over 50fps in combat.

what the hell is going on with those nv3x cards ? the 5800ultra satisfies me with its performance in every way, honestly, when not letting benchmarks tell me what its worth. but thats the highest clocked 1ghz model. when i hear about nv3x cards that actually underperform Geforce4 solutions, thats just completely unacceptable. not when theyve had the massive amount of time and resources on this.
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