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Default Have not tried terminal

Still new at this, a terminal is a 'konsole', right?.. Also, it seems MDK 9.1 comes with several kinsoles, which one is the one everyone uses?

Thank you for telling me about the 'generic' thing!

I will try to run a game in a console when I get back from my errands this morning...

What is happening now when I try to start a couple of the games is that (this is in KDE, by the way) they show as a title box in the task bar, with an hour glass, and then a few seconds later the title box goes away and nothing happens... one game I can think of the name of right now is that 'Armagetron' (tron like lite cycles)game.... before I installed the new Nvidia driver that game and one or two others would start-up, but run at about 3 fps, making it impossible to play...Now they dont work at all. I dont have any other good 3d games for linux yet to test the card out.
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