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Default Re: 8800gtx oc- freezen winxp

Originally Posted by BCKator

What is "ROP"? Real operating frequency?
I've posted elsewhere in these forums that as I slowly vary my desired 8800gtx GPU freq, the frequency is always resolved to 594, 612, 621, 648. Or, to put it another way, if I set to 605, 610, or 615 I get 612, 620, 625, 630 all get 621 and 636 gets 648. I was beginning to worry that perhaps something was wrong w/ my card so I'm glad to see something that looks like confirmation of my observations.

In response to the original question, mine won't run more than a couple of minutes at idle at 648. It will run longer at 621. It will run stressed 24/7 at 612. I'm guessing that at 640 (648 "ROP" or actual) its too fast and, after heating up, it dies. When mine dies, it locks up windows and, if left too long, BSODs. Note, I stress my OCs by running ATITool 3D view; I suggest all do the same if they want to be sure of no problems during real-world/gaming.

-- BCK
thx for reply .-) Maybe I set my question at first bad. Do you think that better cooling can make better result for my 8800 gtx?
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