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Default Microsoft Content Management Server 2002

Has anyone else had the misfortune of using this junk heap content management system? I cannot get over how incredibly terrible it is: besides from the countless bugs that I wonít even begin to talk about, IT HAS NO CODING STANDARS AT ALL!

EVERYTHING is table-based. I am from the ďtables are for holding tabular data, not laying out a pageĒ camp and use 100% CSS for all my designing/positioning.

It uses font tags (sometimes 3 or 4 or even more) for any sort of font-related changes (size, color, etc).

We have some plugin that makes the in-browser editor (the only way you can edit anyway) more like FrontPage in that itís got a ďdesignĒ view thatís identical to work (and without a doubt the reason the backend code is so atrocious).

Iím sitting here, coding in Notepad++ (since Dreamweaver isnít allowed for whatever reason and I refuse to use FrontPage for ethical reasons), putting quotes on all my tag attributes, making sure everything is lowercase to conform with XHTML standards, etcÖI copy code into the code view of the browser, save and IMMEDIATELY, all my formatting (indents and all that jazz to make the code readable) is stripped, all of the quotes are taken away, and attributes are rewritten using capital letters all over the place.

Itís so damned frustrating!

Plus, thereís no virtual file system that allows one to easily drag and drop files into directories and then link. No. The only way to add files (and link to them) is to go through this archaic and retarded web-based interface that ALWAYS starts at the up-most level and requires you to drill down through the tree to find what youíre looking for. Iíve spent 20 minutes trying to find this file with no luck yet. Itís ridiculous.

There is so much more I could say, but my God. Whatís the point? WORST CMS EVER!
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