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I'm picky and a little retentive when it comes to what is installed and where. I run a (non-distribution) scratch Linux system, and I like to keep track of *everything* installed on my system. Every so often, I may get a weird response on my squeaky, clean system...and, I like to know what may have been the cause. With that said, (for the sake of information's sake)

1. What are the 100...114 files in `/var/lib/nvidia'? I think there is a `log' file in that path as well.

2. Since the driver install is automated, if the installer needs to compile the kernel module, like it does for mine, what path does the installer use? Apparently, when I search my partition for any "nvidia" files, the installer must have used some temporary directory and then deleted all those files after it was installed. Right? If not, where is that path so I can delete it myself....

With my "self-motivated" install-tracking system, when something goes wrong, I can easily fix it myself or figure out the problem if I know what it is, where and why. The self installer kind of limits me in gleaning that same information. At the expense of me blaming gremlins inside my computer chewing on IDE cables, I would appreciate that information.

* By the way, I am not having any problems with the NVIDIA drivers...this is just an FYI post...


Brian Sladecek
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