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Originally posted by Soul-Crusher
You may wish to run the installer with the --extract only option and take a look at Makefile. I believe this may answer all your questions.

Speaking of the Makefile, I just noticed it deletes all the old conflicting files before compiling the new ones. I think it might be a good idea to compile the new modules first, store them in a temporary location, and remove / replace the old ones after all the new modules are successfully built.
Yeah, I've used the "--extract-only" option before to custom compile the driver. However, are you certain the self-installer script uses the same process as outlined in the `Makefile'? The result may be the same, but when you extract the files and compile yourself, the build is put in that same path. Since the self-installer doesn't give any output, it has to do the same chore, and I would like to know where it's doing it's work...


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