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Originally posted by Tommi
Joo oon suomesta. Suomi roks!!! :-)

Well... I have tested precicely similar settings as you have without any results...strange. Maybe there are two inittab files in my system? I need to check. Maybe I have messed my inittabs with vi.

Thanks for reply!!


If I understood your first post, it seems like you may have made *too many* changes to your inittab file. The *only* line you need to change is the one "Remu" posted to your reply, namely:


It sounds to me like you may have changed the last line where it starts XDM. You do not need to do this, and that's probably why X still starts even though you changed the "initdefault" line to 3 as well.

I would take a look at "Remu"'s inittab he posted and change everything back to the way he has it, and then, make the change to just that one line containing initdefault.


Brian Sladecek
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