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Default Re: Boot delay with GeForce 2 MX 200

Originally posted by slyronit
I have got a GeForce 2 MX 200 64mb of manufacturer leadtek. Whenever I boot into an operating system with the drivers of the operating system itself, the O.S. boots fine. But when I install the detonator drivers , during bootup, the O.S. freezez for almost a minute and then resumes booting. This happens on all versions of windows and happens on linux if I install the glx drivers for my card. The boot delay in Linux is for almost 6 minutes. My Video Bios is not flashable. What can I do?
Several things may be happening (from what I can infer from your information).

I assume without any video drivers installed for your OS, everything boots fine with no delay. If, however, when you load the drivers for either OS and you get a delay at certain points, it is probably the video driver trying to talk to your AGP slot (assuming you have an AGP card). I would check your BIOS and check several options. I do not know the exact references in your BIOS, but check that you init AGP inits before PCI for video. In addition, turn off video shadowing stuff (if you have that option).

Outside of those issues in BIOS, speaking striclty with respect to the Linux boot process. The delay you refer to would occur when X is trying to start? right? That delay should not occur before or during the init scripts are running. If it does, than I don't have an answer. If, however, after the init scripts are run and it tries to start X, and you experience that delay, It may be related to the video card itself. I have an older PCI TNT board on one Linux box, and when it is starting X, the screen will blank for about 4 minutes while the driver (4349) probes the monitor information and determines the video modes it can use. I do *not* experience that same delay with my Geforce 2 MX 200 AGP on another Linux system. It starts X within 2 seconds, and the 2 seconds is when the screen blanking occurrs while it probes for the video modes it can handle.

One other may want to check your manufacturer's website. There may be a FAQ which could solve your problem.


Brian Sladecek
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