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I'm having the same problem as well (x locking, now your opengl problem). It seems to be related to xft font rendering, or so I've gathered. Some people seem to be having luck with adding this line to their X config file:

Option "RenderAccel" "false"

Though this does nothing for me, some say it fixes the problem entirely. Try turning off aa fonts in mozilla and see if that helps. If I start fluxbox and only use apps that don't use aa fonts (my gtk 1.x apps, etc), then I can't make the machine lock, but gnome 2 with all my reg. apps running (all of which use aa fonts) locks every time. This is especially true with opera 7. Perhaps the ammount of font rendering web browsers do causes the bug to surface more often. There seems to be a wealth of people on the gentoo board (at with the same problem...

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