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Default Re: Is there any sense to recompile my kernel?

Originally posted by Tommi
Yes...I was thinking to take a risk and recompile my kernel?

What does it actually make? A totall disaster? A sure way to spoil your installation? Or a handy way to update your OS?

I think "suexec"'s post is sound and wise. But, if you follow my phillosophy, "if it ain't broke, fix it until it is...", you can have all kinds of fun messing up stuff and figuring out why in the process.

* There are real benefits to be gained from installing a recent kernel. I do not know what kernel version you are using, but for one, enabling MTRR's in your kernel will greatly increase your video performance. As most stock kernels for recent distributions have that enabled, you're alright. Of course, there are so many enhancements/bug fixes for various hardware drivers with each kernel release, it can only help (if you install the kernel correctly).

If you live on the bleeding edge (like I do) and want to tinker around with Linux, there is a safe way to modify your kernel *without* harming your original installation.

To do so, follow the methods I outline in the attached file (verbatim).

**** This by no means is an exercise for the unexperienced. But, if you follow these guidelines (and hopefully I didn't miss anything important), you should be safe, and you can enjoy the best part about Linux...trial and error...more trial and error...and lots of learning in between, which is what it's all about.

Have fun. Drop me an email if you have any problems.


Brian Sladecek
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