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Default SuSE 8.2 - GF4 Ti4200 AGP8x - 8RDA+ - BlackScreen/Freeze

Hello there,

I'm working with SuSE 8.2 (Kernel 2.4.20) with an Epox Mainboard 8RDA+ and GeForce 4 Ti4200 AGP 8x.
I've read that there where some problems with nVidia-Cards and the 8RDA+ under Linux. Is this true?

I have some hard problems with the new drivers since 4349. That means my machine freezes while closing the X-session (rebooting, shutdown, changing to console). I've tried to disable AGP and a view more things but all did not work.

Now I'm working with driver 4191. With this one I can change to console and reboot/shutdown my PC, but console always stays black... in case of shutting down I'm also just looking on a black screen.

I've read different documentations and looking at this forum for some time. The only thing I got to know is, that this may be a mainboard problem that will be fixed with the next release of the BIOS for 8RDA+ ?!

On the other hand I can say, that the performance is ok (2D and 3D) and X is working fine.

Thank you for some answers :-)

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