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Default Re: E6600 + Zalman 9700 Temp Check Please (luv a newb - it's Christmas!)

Originally Posted by kam03
Have you tried running it on orthos? i got errors with orthos on 1.42v
Orthos is just Prime95 (an older version of Prime95 I believe) with a GUI and the ability to run dual instances off the single instance.

I just run Prime95 in dual instances with each dedicated to it's own core (affinity). I don't need a fancy-fied GUI. Everything I've seen about Orthos on the Net would also indicate there is a possiblity that Orthos is not as stable as Prime95.

I changed mine up last night by going down to 3.75. Because:
-3.75Ghz is a hair away from a 1.0Ghz overclock on air cooling, which is still super-sweet.
-At 3.75Ghz, the memory is linked (1:1)
-Temps are much lower: Prime95 never caused a peak temp above 60C

I'm happy with that.
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