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Default Re: NVNews Widescreen LCD Club (formally DELL thread)

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
Samsung Syncmaster 244T. I've never had a Samsung screen with dead pixels before so I'm guessing I just got total crap luck with this one.

I went to Best Buy and picked up a Gateway FPD2485W, thinking I might just use it and take the refund for the Samsung. I also much prefer to buy monitors locally instead of ordering online (for this exact reason), though I'm usually disappointed with the quality compared to what is available online. The Gateway screen looked very crisp with vibrant color at the store though, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Things were different at home. Uncalibrated, the screen is a bit blurry due to very high brightness (almost blinding) and what seems like excessive color saturation. Text appears to bleed a bit compared to my Dell 2001FP at work and the Samsung 244T. Blacks are crushed (badly in some cases, like Quake 4) when looking directly at the screen, though oddly enough the picture looks fantastic when viewing the screen at an angle. After calibrating the monitor I realized I couldn't do anything about the loss of detail when looking directly at the screen, though turning on Digital Vibrance to about 10% improved the picture quality quite a bit (unfortunately this only helps my PC; I had wanted to hook this up to my X-Box as well). Ghosting is generally not noticeable except in some dark scenes with blue-ish hues - character models will leave moderately sized brownish trails, which is distracting. The monitor also emits an incredibly annoying high-pitched buzzing noise at all times (if you've ever had tinnitus, it's like that). There is also noticeable flickering on some web pages with repeating backgrounds (NZone is a great example of this) when scrolling which is very annoying. On the bright side, there were no dead or stuck pixels.

I realize this monitor is one of the lowest-priced 24" widescreens available, but its various flaws are in my opinion inexcusable. The panel seems very cheap. I guess I'll be sticking with online orders and just hoping I don't get unlucky like I did with the Samsung. I'll keep the Gateway until the replacement Samsung gets here but frankly it can't get here soon enough. If you were looking at the Gateway I'd strongly recommend you look elsewhere.

superklye - nice monitor man. One question though - why do you have a bowl on your desk that says "Urine-Off"?
damn man, that sucks. how did you plan to hook your xbox (i assume you mean 360?) up to your monitor, via component or VGA?

the VGA cable is awesome, i just went into settings and set the display settings to 1920x1200 and it looks beautiful

as for you kyle, you should buy another desk just for your three monitors. when you get your vid cards, you should try it once and post some pics, hehe.
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