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Default stability

I thaught before I came here, but it's getting really annoying!!!!
On othger boards there was a discussion if your nvidia-driver causes stability-problems...
Since I installed them, my system is quite stable, but not enough!! Certainly when I just am typing/sending an émail with mozilla....
I'm onlu using the drivers because I like the game bzflag and it needs 3d accell..but I'm really considering about going back to the opensource ones, that are more, more stable....
It's good that your drivers are fast, but they get anoying if you have to restart....To my opinion the stability-problem is really caused by nvidia's driver, because with the opensource ones, it's very stable....

In linux you can restart the xsrver, but that's not an option when you can't type or click anything!

To be a litlle bit positive: I've noticed that the nvidia drivers got more stable...., but nothing in comparison to the opensource ones....
Question...When evrything locks up, can I see the error message somwhere??I think that maybe it's still written if there is one..because only the Xserver locks up, but thze rest keeps on going. I would like to report it, but on startup the /var/lof/Xfree86.0.log is a new one, not? Is the ".old" the one that possible contains an errormessage then?

Thanks, but it's really getting annoying...For the rest, it's a fantastic driver...

Michel Brabants
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