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Default Re: WoW - post your mains

Originally Posted by slick
UDawg, he's right. Warlocks are WAY overpowered (read: more than they were before) with this 2.0.x patch. Afflicition and Demonology both utterly destroy.

Hemo/CloS rogues are also rigoddamndiculous in 2.0.x.

That said, paladins did get a HUGE DPS increase, but rest assured that will get nerfed. They can do so much damage in the stun time on Hammer of GG it's actually kind of sickening. Plate + heals + invulnerability + insane burst DPS will not stick around. Warlocks are still better off though, but traditionally Blizzard won't do jack **** about it.
I understand that. I have been playing the game since launch also and Pallies in AV or world PVE distroye everything. Locks in AV and PVE are easy. They are class cannons. I have two buddies that have tier two locks and a partial tier 3 locks who are good PVPers and they laugh at the idea that affliction is that great.

I as a rogue wont go near locks because they are way over powered. That being said I can distroye a lock in PVE. Once I get the jump on him, he is dead.
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