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Default Re: WoW - post your mains

Originally Posted by UDawg
I understand that. I have been playing the game since launch also and Pallies in AV or world PVE distroye everything. Locks in AV and PVE are easy. They are class cannons. I have two buddies that have tier two locks and a partial tier 3 locks who are good PVPers and they laugh at the idea that affliction is that great.
You aren't playing the same 2.0 patch that everyone else is I guess. Affliction is so grossly over powered that it isn't even funny. 5 dots, instant AoE CC, and drain tanking are imba.

And since when are they glass cannons? They have multiple CC's (depending on the pet), not to mention health stones on top of pots and tubers (and soul stones in world PvP). Soul Link only makes matters that much worse.

Originally Posted by UDawg
I as a rogue wont go near locks because they are way over powered. That being said I can distroye a lock in PVE. Once I get the jump on him, he is dead.
Warlocks go down easy now that we have CloS. WotF/Trinkets stop fear, CloS eats DC.
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